Negotiated Marriage

(A marriage without love..)

I have married a stranger time ago,
It was all sweet and fun then
All love, care, parties and night out
With no place for anger and ego.

But as time passed gradually
Things got changed with love in vain
Not a bit of care only a named pair
Relation got roasted Un-intentionally.

No hug, no kiss, no chats n no miss
Only daily basis chaos and no choice
Its like 2 unknown vd same surname
N in same salty water the doubly fish

Now it was not more than a duty
A compromise to deal with life ever
A social fear and confused mind
All was there to held it together.

Mechanism of top floor…

Sometimes inputs from others or what we can say a pseudo sensation from our inside make us uncomfortable and a little bit of afraid. These inputs are really not indeed but what we think, what the stuff we process in our mind.
In a simple manner, the input u give to our mind at one side is what u get at the other side. Means, just
Feed good and Feel good.
The only thing to do is to be inert with the people with rubbish stuff.
The only thing to do is to be deaf to the people with negetive tone.
The only thing to do is to be shameless for the people taunting you.The only thing to do is to be smart over those who try to take you down.The only thing to do is to take control of all inputs to ur mind in your own hands.
The only thing to do is to stop ur mind to react on others act.
The only thing to do is to converse less and do more.

Feed good Feel good

Lemonade Life!!

With the extension of digital and competitive world, we have became just a lemon in between these demons. A man with his whole potential and strength proves its existence and then devote himself entirely to the world for its and owns betterment, but whta he got ultimately??

A throw out with no use…It’s been rediculuos that there is no appreciation for one’s work and wisdom, but only the use and throw concepts. Its become very common in our daily lives ,either private firms or public organisation, all they need is their work or so called task get done.

Then, after that they don’t care about the people who have made it in a very perfect manner, they make their payment and let them go without giving them appreciation or scope to extend.

The best instance, I have seen in some days is of a private automobile company that needs regular updations in their technologies and hence they inspite of changing the outdated technology changes their staff members in a mere of few months because they require new, fresh and updated minds for their firms and product.

How embarrassing it is? Isn’t it??

Meanwhile, a employee tenure they utilise them with extravagent working and don’t allow them to learn from their work. Just complete your task with all of your efforts, make it proper, analysis it’s working and then hand it over to them without any of your suggestions or inputs. Is it a life or a lemonade??

Just enjoy and throw away